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Sun Protection Hair Spray

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Protect your hair from the sun with our hair sun protection spray

Exposure to the sun can be particularly damaging to your hair. Our hair sun protection spray offers an ideal solution to preserve the health and beauty of your hair under UV rays. Enriched with natural ingredients, this spray forms a protective shield against the drying and bleaching effects of the sun.

Our after sun spray also provides restorative care after exposure. It hydrates, nourishes, and repairs damaged hair, while preserving its natural shine. Easy to use, simply spray on dry or damp hair for immediate and effective protection.

The sun hair spray is specially designed for all hair types. Whether you spend your day at the beach or simply in town, it protects your hair against external aggressions while leaving it soft and silky.

Benefits of our hair sun spray

  • Complete UV protection to prevent fading and dryness,
  • Light formula leaving no greasy or sticky residue,
  • Sun protective hair spray enriched with vitamins and antioxidants for revitalized hair,
  • Easy to use for daily application.

This sun protection hair spray is a summer must-have to keep hair healthy, protected and radiant, no matter the intensity of your sun exposure.

How to use our sun hair protection spray for optimal effectiveness

Apply the sunburn spray generously to dry or damp hair before exposure to the sun. For enhanced protection, reapply after each swim or every two hours during prolonged exposure.

  • Don't forget to also cover the ends to prevent them from drying out,
  • Our protective sun hair spray can be used in addition to your usual hair routine,
  • For complete after-sun care, combine it with our repairing after-sun spray.

Discover the difference with our hair sun protection range and enjoy the sun without compromising the health of your hair. Visit our site for more information on our products and tips for keeping hair looking great all year round.

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