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Discover our variety of drops for different uses

Our range of drops includes solutions for various health and wellness needs. Among these, drops with essences are appreciated for their therapeutic properties. For a natural tanned complexion, opt for our self-tanning drops .

For eye care, we offer eye drops , including special formulas for dry eyes . Our ear drops , including antibiotic options, are perfect for treating ear infections.

People suffering from respiratory problems can benefit from our bronchitis essence drops , while our nose drops are ideal for nasal congestion.

Drops for all health needs

Our range also includes blue eye drops , designed to revitalize and brighten your eyes. For skin care, healthy glow drops and self-tanning drops provide a radiant complexion.

A variety of drops for your well-being

Our products cover a wide range of needs:

  • Conjunctivitis drops to relieve irritated eyes,
  • Eye drops for optimal eye hydration,
  • Anti-anxiety drops to soothe and relax.

Parents will find infant colic drops to relieve their baby's stomach aches, and our cortisone eye and nose drops are effective in treating inflammation.

Choose drops tailored to your needs

Our essential drops offer varied therapeutic benefits, while eucalyptus drops are excellent for respiratory health. For those looking to relieve eye fatigue, our eye fatigue drops are an ideal choice.

Explore our range to find the right drops for your health and wellness needs, whether for eye care, ear care, or other therapeutic uses.

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