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Discover our range of hair glue for a perfect hairstyle

Our hair glue collection is designed to meet everyone's needs, whether you are a man or a woman . We offer solutions for lasting fixation, such as hair extension glue and hair weaving glue , ensuring perfect hold for your hairstyle.

Our hair fixative is specially formulated to ensure strong hold without weighing down your hair. For women, our women's hair fixative offers a solution suitable for all hair types, including curly hair .

For those looking for a more natural option, our natural hair fixative is a great alternative. It allows you to maintain your hairstyle while respecting the health of your hair.

Hair glue : a varied choice for all occasions

Our range includes a men's hair glue specially designed to resist humidity and wind, ensuring impeccable hold throughout the day.

Solutions adapted to every need

We offer a wide choice of products:

  • Afro hair glue for demanding hairstyles,
  • Hair glue for a natural and lasting effect,
  • Glue hair adhesive strips for easy and quick application.

Organic hair glue is an ideal option for those who favor products that respect the environment and hair health.

In addition, our hair color fixative helps keep the shine of your coloring for longer.

Choose the right hair glue for your style

Whether you opt for a glued braid for afro hair , a glued braid with loose hair , or even a glued braid for curly hair , our glue ensures an impeccable hold.

For short hair, the short hair glued braid and the short hair glued braid are stylish options, while the square hair glued braid is perfect for a modern look.

Our solutions also include options for gently removing glue, such as surgical hair glue remover or hair extension glue remover , ensuring your hair is cared for and protected after use.

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