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Organic Sanitary Napkin

Organic Sanitary Napkins to discover:

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Opt for Organic and Environmentally Friendly Sanitary Napkins

Choosing the right sanitary napkin is essential for your comfort and health, especially during periods of very heavy periods or after childbirth . Our range includes washable sanitary napkins and organic sanitary napkin options, ensuring not only your well-being but also respect for the environment.

Maternity sanitary napkins are specially designed to provide maximum absorption and unrivaled softness after your delivery, while our nighttime sanitary napkins provide optimal protection for a peaceful sleep.

Advantages of Organic Sanitary Napkins from Our Collection

Our organic sanitary napkins offer several advantages:

  • They are made from natural and ecological materials, reducing the risk of allergies and irritation .
  • Washable sanitary napkins are reusable, which reduces waste and saves money in the long term.
  • A variety of sizes and absorptions to meet every need, whether for daily use or for very heavy periods .
  • A feeling of comfort and freshness throughout the day, thanks to their organic cotton composition.

Whether you are looking for a reusable sanitary napkin or a disposable but eco-friendly option, our selection will meet your expectations.

How to Choose and Use Your Sanitary Napkin

Using a towel correctly is essential for your health. Here are a few tips :

  • Choose the right absorption according to your flow to avoid any discomfort or leaking.
  • For washable sanitary napkins , follow the washing instructions to maintain their effectiveness.
  • Change your towel regularly, every 4 to 6 hours, to maintain optimal hygiene.

By following these tips, you can use sanitary napkins with confidence.

Explore Our Selection of Organic Sanitary Towels

Explore our collection to find the perfect organic sanitary napkin for your needs. Whether you need protection during the night, after childbirth, or for heavy periods, we have what you need to feel comfortable and protected every time of the month. Choose the best for your body and the planet.

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